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Updated: Feb 19

This blog will be short and sweet and targeted towards my fellow Mainers.

With a prediction and already seen rise in prices at the grocery store, in a lot of cases it is cheaper to source your food locally now! If you are located in Maine chances are there is a local farm not more than 15 minutes from you.

The purpose of this list is to join farmers and locals together to create more revenue right where we need it most... in our everyday neighborhoods. Enjoy and don't forget to browse through the rest of our Wicked Quail and Pork Homestead blogs!

Kennebec County

Wicked Quail and Pork Homestead- Located in Vassalboro, Maine.

Products include spring piglets, registered Idaho Pasture Pigs, Homesteading classes, ducklings, turkey poults, CSA shares, vegetable U-picks, and more!

Find us on Facebook!

Wild Ones Academy and Homestead- Located in Readfield, Maine.

Products include salves, balms, soap, tinctures, oils, elderberry syrup kits, elderberry syrup, eggs, and Nigerian Dwarf kids and milk! Find them on Facebook or at

Darling Poultry- Located in West Gardiner, Maine.

Products include Hatching eggs, hatchlings, garden seed, seedlings, perennial flowers, houseplants, cut flowers, produce, hot sauce and more.

I love to trade/barter!

waitlist available for hatching eggs and straight run hatchlings.

NPIP PT/AI clean farm offering:

-NH Reds

-Easter Eggers


-Silver Appleyard Ducks

-Cotton Patch Geese

Garden seed available, 100s of varieties

Seedlings available by appointment until Mothers Day

Plant Sale open Mothers Day - Fathers Day

Produce and cut flower self serve farm stand.

Find them on Facebook!

Heritage Homestead- Located in Waterville, Maine.

Products include natural tallow skincare, organically grown garlic, agricultural equipment, poultry & lamb. Find them on Facebook!

Hancock County

Bradley Family Homestead- Located in Franklin, Maine.

Products include Pork, Lamb, goat's milk soap, and NPIP-certified baby chicks in the spring!

Schoodic Hollow Farm- Located in Franklin, Maine.

Products include seasonal vegetables.

Archer's Acres Farm- Located in Franklin, Maine.

Products include silkies, Marans, standard Cochins, and Isabel ameraucanas. Along with F1 olive eggers and sage eggers on occasion. Find them on Facebook!

Roundabout Farms- Located in Orland, Maine.

Products include ND goats, American Guinea hogs, mini Rex mix breed chickens, and ducks. We also do programs and classes, summer camp and toddler groups, and graphic design services.

York County

Southern Maine Stockyard- Located in Waterboro, Maine.

Products include certified organic-fed chicken, turkey, and pork. We have sides and retail cuts of beef. We also have seedlings in the spring and vegetables in season

Phone #- 207-815-0267 (Shallie or Joseph Hurd)

Two Toad Farm- Located in Springvale, Maine.

Products include Vegetables (YEAR ROUND, so see what they have seasonally!), eggs, pork, certified organic Lamb, yogurts and cheeses, and seed garlic.

Mini-Hooves Farm- Located in Limington, Maine.

Products include Nigerian Dwarf Goats, goat milk soap, goat milk lotions, and eggs.

Phone #- 207-450-4984 (Sophie Strout)

Alpen Rose Creamery- Located in Arundel, Maine.

Products include dairy products, beef, calves and more!

(Also check out Al's Quackery for ducks, geese, meat and eggs!)

Simpler Thyme Farm- Located in Acton, Maine.

Products include seasonal veggies, year-round herbs, micro greens, and eggs.

THIS FARM IS A PAY WHAT YOU CAN FARM. They strive to help fix the food security problems we have here in Maine.

Blueberry Hill Farm- Located in Acton, Maine.

Products include pick your own blueberries in July and August.

Phone#- 207-457-1151

Serenity Hill Farm- Located in Arundel, Maine.

Products include meat rabbits, broiler chicks in the spring, seasonal turkey poults.

From Hens to Heifers-

Products include NPIP chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, emus, and mangalitsa pigs.

Windswept Farm- Located in Acton, Maine.

Products include raw Milk and farm-fresh eggs. Find them at

Mini Hooves Farm- Located in Limington, Maine.

Products include registered and unregistered Nigerian Dwarf goats. Soaps and lotions are available under "Sophie's Soaps".

Three Monkeys Farm- Located in Moody, Maine.

Products include cut flowers and perennial flowers. Also, ND goats and sell goat milk soaps, eggs, and CBD salve.

Dore-Yard Farm- located in Springvale, Maine.

Products include Eggs, Berkshire pork, Jersey beef available soon.

Ingendahl Acres LLC- Located in Wells, Maine.

Products include non-gmo, antibiotic free lamb shares year round. - anti-biotic free pasture pork winter shares in halves or wholes. - geese, chickens and orange pearl ringneck dove hatching eggs available - wool products, yarn, hats, scarfs & garden compost available - live lambs in spring/summer - live piglets in spring - on-site ram studding service available in fall/winter. Find them on Facebook!

Oxford County

Worth the Wait Farm- Located in Denmark, Maine.

Products include goat milk, cheese, eggs, bakery items, and registered Oberhasli and British Guernsey goats.

Troika Drafts & Harness Shop-

Products include lessons and training for family drafts and young horses. Fitting and sales of biothane harness for work and play. Seasonal vegetables and flowers. Working student programs also an option.

The Margolin Farm- Located in Norway, Maine.

Products include eggs, kombucha Scoby, sourdough starter, butchering services, rabbit meat and live rabbits, whole chickens in summer.

207-461-2127, text preferred.

Back to Roots- Located in Woodstock, Maine.

Products include Muscovy ducks, rhubarb, herbs, herbal products. Find them on Facebook!

Union Hill Farm- Located in Stow, Maine.

Products include Ikkps/AKKPS registered Kune Kunes

Pedigreed French Angoras

ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarfs

Award winning poultry including Royal Palm turkeys, Sebastopol geese, Silver Appleyard ducks, and rainbow egg laying chickens.

Find them on Facebook!

Jumpstart Farm- Located in Sumner, Maine.

Products include Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs, Nubian Dairy Goats, goat milk/cheese. Find them on Facebook!

Haven Acres- located in Sumner, Maine.

Products include whole and 1/2 pigs and pastured poultry. Grass fed beef, honey and maple syrup on occasion, and eggs. Vegetables in season. And, we will be opening our butcher shop by fall.

Dreamland Farm LLC- Located in Hartford, Maine.

Products include Raw Milk, Breads: (Amish Church Bread, Italian Bread, & Cinnamon Bread), Butter, Eggs, Vegetable starts (in spring), fresh produce (during late summer) Meats: Rabbit, Beef, Pork, Chicken - Licensed kitchen and licensed to sell meat.

Triple R Homestead- Located in Norway. Maine.

Products include raw goat's milk, goat kids, eggs, rabbits, produce in season, and next year - piglets. Homestead business also includes Nonny's Kitchen - jellies/jams, cookies, breads, deli pickles (seasonal), whoopie pies, etc.

Lincoln County

Passchendaele Farm- Located in Waldoboro, Maine.

Products include Duck eggs, chicken eggs and occasionally peaches and apples in the fall.

Littlefoot Farm- Located in Jefferson, Maine.

Products include Berkshire and Duroc cross spring piglets, hatching eggs, chicks, Muscovy ducklings and adults, raw milk shares, non GMO raised meat birds, and farm to table processing. We’ll process anything smaller than cows! Also, find our farmstand with baked goods and other homestead food items! Find them on Facebook!

Washington County

Muddy Hoof Farm- Located in Lubec, Maine.

Products include goat meat, chicken and ducks eggs (chicks in the spring), and produce in the summer.

Find them on Facebook!

Mill River Ranch- Located in Milbridge, Maine.

Products include kune kunes, mini pigs, mini kunes, meat pigs, dwarf goats, dairy goats, hanky doll sheep, poultry, ducks and hatching, calves and cows. We do half and whole hogs and beef. We take in animals and sometimes have animals looking for homes like equine too. We do farmstays, workshops and other activities. Always have compost.

Itty Bitty Farm- Located in Columbia Falls, Maine.

Products include fresh chicken and quail eggs all year. Vegetables in season.

Raise and sell American guinea hogs, Icelandic chickens, American Chinchilla rabbits, jumbo coturnix quail. Find them on Facebook at

Mist Haven Farm- Located in Lubec, Maine.

Products include rabbits, ducklings, chicks, and registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. We also sell eggs and produce in the Summer, and may have some fresh honey available also. We are an organic farm, raising animals as it should be!

Knox County

Dogpatch Farm- Located in Washington, Maine.

Products include whole/half hogs, pork retail cuts and charcuterie.

Green Meadow Farm- Located in Union, Maine.

Products include grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured poultry, and Thanksgiving turkeys.

Phone#- 207-754-9052

Putnam Hill Farm- Located in Washington, Maine.

Products include beef & pork sides, eggs in the summer. Will have a small farm stand this summer with homemade vanilla, breads and goodies. Message the farm page direct with questions. Find them at

Penobscot County

Puddle Foot Farm- Located in Eddington, Maine.

Products include eggs(chicken and duck), apples and assorted produce in the fall.

Flat Creek Farms- located near Springfield, Maine.

Products include dexter cattle, ducks, rabbits, and a mixed flock of chickens.

All In Thyme Farm- Located in Newport, Maine.

Products include poultry, whey fed heritage pork, and critically endangered sheep. We raise all of our animals on pasture in the season. We also grow garlic.

Feel-N-Froggy Farms- Located in Plymouth, Maine.

Products include quality Bantam and Standard chickens, chicks and hatching eggs. Find them on Facebook.

River Trip Homestead- Located just outside of Lincoln, Maine.

Products include Bielefelder chickens, Katahdin sheep, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and we make awesome goat’s milk lard soap and tallow products!

Chiron Farms- Located in Chester, Maine.

Products include pork, produce, eggs, rabbit (live and meat).

Yeti Ridge Farm- Located in Plymouth, Maine.

Products include ADGA Registered Show quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. We also sell Oatmeal & Honey Goats milk soap.

Somerset County

Naissance Farm- Located in North Anson, Maine.

Products include award-winning goat milk soap, lotion, and elderberry syrup. You can also buy goat kids here, along with seasonal produce and cut flowers.

TownsEnd Farm- Located in Canaan, Maine.

Products include Kune Kune pigs/piglets, American Guinea Hog/kune mix piglets, Raw cows milk, Free range chicken, Eggs, Chicken butcher classes, Pork, Beef (not yet but soon), Garden produce, Limited compost (hot composted), Home Poultry butchering (small batches).

Tessiers Farm- Located in Skowhegan, Maine.

Products include meat, dairy products, and custom livestock processing. Find them on Facebook or at

Back Achers Farm- Located in Anson, Maine.

Products include pasture-raised pig, chicken, turkey, and rabbit. Maple syrup, eggs. Homestead rabbit slaughter classes. You can find them at

Haven Hill Homestead- Located in Mercer, Maine.

Products include cabin rental business on Air BNB but we also have a small hobby farm. We raise goats and have milk, make goat milk soap, we raise our own meat chickens and laying hens. We are starting this spring with raising our own Kathadin lambs. And we have 2 donkeys for good measure!

Forget Me Not Farm- Located in Smithfield, Maine.

Products include registered Nigerian dwarf goats, pedigreed Holland lops, and rescue dogs.

N44 Farmstead- Located in Canaan, Maine.

Products include organic certified produce, non-gmo fed eggs, turkeys, and tons more! Find them on Facebook!

Cumberland County

Harvest Brook Farm- Located in Scarborough, Maine.

Products include chicken and duck eggs, angora rabbits, Nigerian dwarf goats, muscovy ducklings, cut flowers, seed starts, elderberry products, and herbal salves.

Findview Farm- Located in Gorham, Maine.

Products include a year-round farm stand with USDA grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, eggs, raw milk, and seasonal vegetables.

Find them on facebook!

53 Orchard Farm- Located in Cumberland, Maine.

Products include ADGA registered Nigerian dwarf and Oberhasli goats, pedigreed American Chinchilla and mini Rex rabbits, crevecoeur chickens, Coturnix quail, purebred KuneKune pigs, and CFA registerable Maine Coon cats. Find on Facebook or at

Clover Ridge Farm- Located in Sebago Lakes Region, Maine.

Products include ADGA/AGS Nigerian Dwarf and Oberhasli Dairy Goats.

We also have some beautiful colored Brahma chickens!

The Shire Homestead- Located in Freeport, Maine.

Products include pigs, dairy goats, chickens, ducks and geese. We sell eggs, herbs, salves, produce, soap and crafts!

Sadie Farmer- Located in New Gloucester, Maine.

Products include Bfl and cvm sheep and wool, Muscovy ducks.

Underhill Fibers spinning and carding mill- Located in Gorham, Maine.

We process wool into roving and yarns for people. We also have our own fiber sheep and rabbits, as well as their roving, yarns and finished goods. We raise poultry, pigs, and garden for our own use. Happy to answer questions about livestock care. Open by appointment or chance.

Prince Well Farm- Located in North Yarmouth, Maine.

Products include ADGA & AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. We also raise pedigreed Holland Lops, show quality orange Netherland Dwarfs and show quality Sandy Flemish Giants.

Fogg's Hill Farm- Located in New Gloucester, Maine.

Products include sheep and lambs. Utility breeds for milk, meat and wool. Find them on Facebook!

Granite Ledge Nigerian Dwarf Goats- Located in Freeport, Maine.

Products include quality ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goats for milk, show, and pets.

Domaine LeRiche- Located in Pownal, Maine.

Products include Registered, clean-tested Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Free-range eggs. Goat milk soap & pottery in the works.

Bare Hare Homestead- Located in Casco, Maine.

Products include ARBA Rabbitry specializing in purebred show, meat, pelts, and pets. Also various other critters. Find them on Facebook!

Dragonfly Family Farm- Located in Bridgton, Maine.

Products include meat rabbits and sometimes quail, definitely quail eggs for eating (no rooster).

Aroostook County

Tea Family Farm- Located in Van Buren, Maine.

Products include piglets, meat pigs, eggs, chicks, and farm stand from May thru October. Contact Maureen Tea on Facebook.

Barefoot and Braless Farm- Located in Cyr Plantation, Maine.

Products include Mangalitsa pigs, American Bresse chickens, Pekin Ducks, and Toulouse Geese. I have chicks, ducklings, and goslings available to order. I make herbal products, like lip balm, salves, soap, and herbal rollerballs. I'll have plants and veggies this year.

Agape Acres- Located in Madawaska, Maine.

Products include ND goats, a myriad of chickens and ducks as well as 2 Toulouse geese. When we have them we offer ND kids, chicken and duck eggs as well as compost and fertilizer from the coops and barn. We may hatch chicks and ducks this year. You can find us on Facebook!

Hidden Knoll Farm- Located in Mechanic Falls, Maine.

Products include pork; wholes, halves, cuts and piglets. Dexter beef, cornish cross chicken and fall turkeys. All natural. We don't feed bread or junk. Find them on Facebook!

In-Between Farm- Located in Poland, Maine.

Products include Nigerian Dwarfs, chickens and Honey bees. We sell goats milk soap and raw honey!

Black Stone Farm and Cloven Hoof Care Services- Located in Livermore Falls, Maine.

S&S Poultry- Located near Livermore, Maine.

Products include silkies, seramas, coturnix quail, and button quail. We also make custom shirts, logos, stickers, decals, wood-burning options, and more through Chicken Land Creations. Find them on Facebook!

Shady Tree Homestead- Located in Livermore Falls, Maine.

Products include pork, whole and halves, and piglets (multiple different breeds). Whole chicken, eggs, and chicks. Whole turkey, eggs, and chicks. Fresh pastries and freeze-dried candy in our shop.

Foxglove Gardens LLC- Located in Auburn, Maine.

Products include vegetables for ferments, mushrooms, flowers, annuals, and perennials. We design ornamental and edible containers. I recently found out I have alpha-gal so I will be adding quail, chickens, and maybe pidgeon. We will be teaching classes later in the season on fermentation (kimchi, kiefer, kraut, sour dough etc.), visible mending, flower pressing, and natural dyeing.

Franklin County

Dick Mitchell- Located in Phillips, Maine.

Products include whole and half hogs.

Second Breakfast Farm- Located in Wilton, Maine.

Products include Cottage foods, sourdough bread varieties, chicks, runner ducklings, goslings, eggs, plants, piglets, yak fiber and milk, cows milk, manure and compost by the bag, seasonal crafts, book trade/free library, dog grooming, farm collies.

Waldo County-

Sun Kist Farm- Located in Burnham, Maine.

Products include Raising AQHA horses and Sport Horses

Boarding lessons training breeding

AKKPS Kune Kunes

Pastured Beef pork chicken Muscovey Ducks

Nigerian Dwarf Goats Meat Rabbits

Akbash x Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardians

Livestock and small animal transport nationwide in addition to Canadian and Mexican transport and import export over seas management.


Full Moon Farm- Located in Belfast, Maine.

Products include registered Nubians and also teach milking classes during the summer and fall.

List updated- February 8th, 2024. Please email us at to add your farm to the list!

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