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The BEST homemade Veggie Cream Cheese

Updated: Jan 25

Hello everyone and welcome back to Wicked Quail and Pork Homestead- the blog. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well! We are a small family farm operating on a 3rd generation property. Prior to us purchasing the property from my grandfather, it was a beef farm. However, with 4 other beef farms nearby, and my strong opinion on chasing cattle and fixing fences.. we have changed it around a bit.

We have been raising swine for 8 years, we mentor anyone looking to get into the pork and piggo industry. Recently we switched to registered Idaho Pasture Pigs. We also have poultry, turkeys, ducks, and quail. I think we may start leaning more towards the birds on the business end of things.

I am happy to say we have our meat rabbits back, that's one of my favorites due to sustainability and cost. We also recently brought in dairy sheep! Yum!

We are a small family with 2 kiddos, that love all things outdoors. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer, and we'd like to say.. Welcome, friend!

If you'd like to support our blog here is an affiliate link to our favorite seed company- Botanical Interests Link-

We had a lovely and productive weekend here on the homestead. We made mozzarella cheese, Colby cheese, butter, and venison breakfast sausage links. I'm going to drop the seasoning we used below for you guys to check out.

I know, I know, it's more homesteader-ish to use your own seasonings and herbs. However, we really do enjoy using LEM products and this stuff puts store-bought sausage to SHAME.

Something you'll need to know after you read all about the dairy products I've accomplished this week is that we have an array of dairy animals here. We have our lovely milk cow, Fern. She is a small Jersey. We also have our small flock of East Friesian dairy sheep!

Dairy sheep are probably one of the most underrated livestock you can own. They aren't destructive like goats, they love to graze, and they barely consume any food compared to a cow. The milk is creamy and has a pleasant and sweet taste. We just really love owning sheep!

Keep in mind that you can make most homemade dairy products using store-bought whole milk as well. Work with what you have available, that's all any of us can do!

We are here today to talk about veggie cream cheese though, aren't we? Once a week I make veggie cream cheese for our homemade bagels, using our raw cows' milk cream from our dairy cow. The recipe I follow to make the plain cream cheese is from the food blog, Served From Scratch. I will leave that below so you can start there.

Now let's take this plain cream cheese and make it into veggie cream cheese! First I get out my ingredients.


Plain cream cheese

1 whole carrot

1 large red pepper

1/4 of a red onion

1 teaspoon dried parsley

1 teaspoon garlic of any kind

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon dried onion tops

Most of the ingredients listed above are from last year's garden which is even more exciting for us. The instructions... simple.

Send all of the veggies through your food processor or chop them really small. When I don't feel like breaking out the food processor, chopping works just fine.

Then add all ingredients to your cream cheese and mix! I use a hand mixer just because it helps whip up the homemade cream cheese. Everyone prefers whipped cream cheese, right?

Dairy products can be intimidating to the first timer, but I really want you to know that it is do-able and there are tons of us seasoned homesteaders out here proud of you for even thinking about trying it.

Enjoy, happy homesteading!

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